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Kwanza Jones – Think Again

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Kwanza Jones – Think Again lyrics

Kwanza Jones – Think Again

You know I told you that
I needed just three minutes
Wasnt happy
But heres what you said
F-d up thing you said

Girl youre kinda cute
Some may say pretty
Even funny
But I dont really care
Whats inside your head

Well I think its time for
You to grow up
Go on stop playin
Im not your toy now
Hear what Im sayin
Think again
I think its time for you to
Think again

From the beginning
I knew you liked me
Made me feel sexy
Wanted to have me
I thought I was the one
But you were having fun

Now I say hey yeah you yeah
Im talking to ya
Its over, through now
So get a clue
Cause you didnt know me at all
No you didnt know me


And now it seems to me
You got exactly what you need
And now it seems to me
That I am free I am so free yeah


You think know me
You think you own me
I think you oughta
Go on move on and think again
Go on move on and think again

Think again

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