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Jennifer Lopez – One Love

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Jennifer Lopez – One Love lyrics

Jennifer Lopez – One Love

Oh Oh Oh x4

Took a shot with the bad boy from the block
Picked my love right from the start
Mr wrong, he plays his part
Back to begining, now round two
Trying my luck with something new
we danced until we said “I do”
my luck is bad, No more us two,
no me and you

Is too much to ask
for a real love, something that will last

Is there One Love, only once in a life time
It’s too hard to find
The perfect one to call mine
Is there One love, somebody that compliments me
and Makes wanna never leave
Made just right for me
Is there One Love
One Love
One love
One Love

Its take three could there be a part for me?
Came and swept me off my feet
Went no where but kept the ring
Once again I’m lonely
Number 4 you sing to me, but I’m not sure
So worn out but loved you so
Made me want to try once more
and I couldn’t say no

Is too much to ask
for a real love, something that will last

[repeat chorus]

What’s wrong with a girl
Wanting everything good love, real trust, true meaning
Who truly completes me
I’m good on my own
But I have to know

[repeat chorus]

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