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Chamillionaire – We All Done

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Chamillionaire – We All Done lyrics

Chamillionaire – We All Done

[Intro - Chamillionaire]
They like “where you been man?”
I’m like “you’ll find out when you need to know!”
Poison, coming soon

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
H-town so throwed
If I said it, then you know it’s what I mean
I do it all from my home
Cause that’s who got me thinking I’m the damn king
I probably hurt a few feelings
Cause y’all be tricking on em way too easy
See you can feed a few pigeons
That’s when you realise them hoes a tease

Live from the Bahamas
I gotta be honest
Working on a classic
Got to forgive me for my silence
Swear it felt like college
Knowledge that you gave was timeless
Knew that you had good brain
I knew you’d graduate with honours
My P was the finest
Bowing like she paying homage
Pulling that ponytail girl
What you mix with Pocahontas?
Cesa triple zeros, working jumping over commas
You can say that I gave you love
But you can’t say I gave a promise
Girl no dollars

And girl I’d love to kick it with ya
But you know I gotta run
And stack some hundreds in between
My trigger finger and my thumb
It was lovely while it lasted
But I think the time has come
Hope you keep your composure
When I say that it’s over

We all done
Darling, we all done
She said I’m on one
Now that we’re all done, done, done
I might not cuff and I might not trick
I might just split cause we don’t just fit
Don’t come back cause she might be sick

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