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B.O.B. – BlaZzed

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B.O.B. – BlaZzed lyrics

B.O.B. – BlaZzed

You only do only big things around here ladies and ..
With my homie ..you know what it is ..

I hate my balls punch me in this fucking face job lost
Baby mama my wife to be
I’m dealing with a crazy family
It’s getting wild i’m freaking out
I’m bout to blow a fuck confuse life ..
I need some help somethin quick
Do you got alight i’m getting fucking live.

You know i got a ..DCA
And i don’t want no other company
I’m ..my little ecstasy
And that’s the only thing you country boy need

forgot my name lost my phone
i got a ..cheese i’m on
roll the stone mine is the wheels i got a ..
holla ..
Hell of blazzed never sober botu ..baby
Tell em i’m coming over
I want that good, make it quick
You got the lie let’s get live

I’m in love with ..
See my number one makes the ..
A .. drop of my ..
i ..with my baby Mary Jane.

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