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Venetian Princess – It’s Halloween

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Venetian Princess – It’s Halloween lyrics

Venetian Princess – It’s Halloween

It’s Halloween (3X)
It’s the night
It’s the night
It’s the ….

It’s the witching hour, it is the night
When what you see may cause serious some fright

But outfit disasters tonight are excused
They may just leave some feeling very confused

Pre Chorus:
As for my brother Rex
He can wear his latex

It’s fine to be Obama
Just don’t dress as Osama

Spongebob’s a creepy old man
Kids don’t get into his van!

It’s Halloween (3X)
It’s the night (3X)

Ken in a box
Popped her chicken pox

That looks like it hurt
Got a little on your shirt

That’s a really nice peel
A yummy hamburger meal

Won’t be going back for thirds
I’m at a loss for words

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