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Arash Feat. Shaggy – Donya

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Arash Feat. Shaggy – Donya lyrics

Arash Feat. Shaggy – Donya

Roozi bood, asheghe to boodam
Az daste to kheili razi boodam
Amma to baad sheytouni kard
Nazdike man naya to
Boro Boro, delam toro nemikhad
Dige nemikham bebinamet
Boro Boro, delam jaye dige hast
Dige nemikham bebiname

Japanese DJ Talks:
Ladies and Gentlemen
Tonight we’ve got Arash and Shaggy for you
Who has come a long way to perform their latest song
Hit it!

Alongside Shaggy

Are, Donya dige kari ba man nadare
Delam por az darde khoda dobare

Age beri mano tanham bezari, baba dige baram farghi nadare

OhO! Didi Didi Donya
Maro dast andakhti!

Lovin’ me Lovin’ this is where you belong and if you belov me havin sing’ this a song
Yo’love life ‘woul you kinda strong
Love a fill yo just like a bomb
Tell yo feelings i kno you can’t hide them
You love me so love i give it derive
Girl like i you, yo’r sexy vibe…gotcha

OhO! Didi Didi Donya
Maro dast andakhti!

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